About Us

CF Kits & Performance is a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of high quality aftermarket carbon fiber & fiberglass automotive components such as on front spoilers, rear spoilers, side skirts, mud guards, diffusers and full body conversions.

Durability and dependability is important when it comes to carbon and fiberglass composites hence the reason why we use the finest materials and resins to produce high strength, flexible and light weight products to suffice your vehicles  needs.

At our facility we strive for perfection there for every finished product goes through our staff to assure every piece is flawless and ready to be shipped across the nation. We are in the process of expanding our inventory to many line of vehicles  mainly for the higher end luxury and performance cars, but before any new product is introduced to the market it will be repeatedly researched, test fitted and perfected to satisfy our customers’ every needs.

We also have a variety of performance products available in our online store from reputable performance companies such as Vortech, ProCharger, HKS, Cusco and much more.